Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out now: Cycling Design Feature in Sketch

Summertime is cycling time for many of us in the art crowd--I've enjoyed reading @cmonstah's tweets on related observations of late. But it's a bummer to show up to one of many locations in Toronto and find there's not enough bike stands. So it was interesting to write up an article for OCAD's Sketch mag about their recent bike stand design competition. Taking inspiration from David Byrne's creatively designed bike stands in NYC, as well as recent creative stands in TO communities, students at the college came up with some pretty cool ideas, like inserting massive wooden planks into the concrete or making a bike stand based on a pile-o-keys design. You can read the article in PDF form here. Happy riding!
Photos of Parkdale bike racks by Shaun Merritt from Spacing.ca

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