Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Graffiti: The Urban Repair Squad Strikes Again

Just got a fun couple of pics by email from Urban Repair Squad, a sustainable-transport intervention group that was most recently included in Actions, a major survey of urban-activisty art at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. In the past, URS has done stuff like paint their own official-looking bike lanes and replace subway info about bicycles to more friendly formats. It appears URS was also busy this weekend on a more symbolic front. It changed the "welcome to Toronto" symbol carved in greenery along the city's multilane Gardiner Expressway to include a nod to pedestrians and cyclists.



Though the garden-billboard was restored to its original state today by city staff, the symbols were up for a good 48 hours. Says the squad: ""This is an Easter present from the Urban Repair Squad to the City of Toronto and all its residents.
Happy Easter!"

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SuzieCee said...

I love it. We need more guerilla art/activism in this city especially when it is fun.