Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't-miss shows closing this weekend

I've been tardy in posting on a couple of shows that I think are quite great but which I (and others) do recommend.

Over at Digital Media Tree, Sally McKay reminded us that Bill Burns's show at MKG127 comes down this weekend. This is a completely hilarious show that you really should make an effort to see if you haven't already. How can an artist make such consistently dry and funny work? And involve Purina and the Ontario Provincial Police and watercolour painting in the process? It's beyond me... Just see it.

Akimbo's Terence Dick also struck a chord when he mentioned his enjoyment of the current Interaccess show, which also comes down on the 21st. Marcia Huyer and Tomasz Smereka's work there with inflatables both hi-tech and lo is simply delightful.

And for myself, I'd like to add to these another nearby show: the Ontario Crafts Council's Award show. Craft still gets a maligned rap in the higher-end art world, but I'd urge anyone harbouring those biases to go and see this show. Julie Moon's ceramic work (like the arms, pictured above) is just stunning both technically and psychologically--her self-portrait as an urn really being a stop-and-stare item in their window right now. It's just around the corner from MKG and Interaccess at 990 Queen West, so do go see it.

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