Thursday, September 27, 2007

Slew of Nuit Blanche stuff today

Toronto media is officially Nuit Blanche crazy and I'm straightjacketed up with the rest of 'em...

I've got pieces today in the National Post and NOW on the topic, with more on the way this weekend.

The Post story is a interview with Laura Belem, a Brazilian artist who did that flashing-boat-talky thing in Venice a couple of years back. The NOW story consists of an interview with Janet Morton, Guelph's craft-cover queen. Both are really interesting artists in terms of work, and to chat with.

There is also some blurbage I did in the NOW guide. Oh festival coverage! Oh the blurbage!

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kevin bracken said...

although i am surprised that, considering both free alt-weeklies had white-LED-happy lightwriting on the covers, neither spent a single word on our piece.

i think their love affair with Newmindspace is dead.