Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fred Herzog Q&A out in today's National Post

For 50 years, German immigrant Fred Herzog snapped pictures of his adopted home, Vancouver, without finding much recognition. Since 2007's survey of his work at the Vancouver Art Gallery, however, all that has changed. He's now well known as a great portraitist of Vancity, and has lots to prove it: a recent show and book release in Berlin; a current show at Toronto's MOCCA; and an exhibition opening in June at the National Gallery of Canada.

Earlier this month, I got to chat on the phone with Herzog about his work. The condensed Q&A that resulted is out in today's National Post. An excerpt:

Q What does it feel like to be in such demand after having worked for 50 years in relative obscurity?

A It's been astonishing. I always thought, "What I'm doing has to be to the standards of the best art." But I hadn't been successful showing it in galleries. Part of the problem was I never had the money to make big prints in addition to having a family. It hits me now that if I'd had this much success earlier in life I wouldn't have had as nice a life. The reason for that is life does not thrive on attention -it thrives on experience.

The web link for the Herzog isn't working at the moment, so I urge you to seek out a copy of the paper for more.

(Image of Herzog's Man with Bandage from his dealer Equinox Gallery)

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