Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Few Good Shows: Dundas/Ossington/Queen

My gallery travels this weekend took me to a number of strong shows in the Dundas West/Ossington/Queen St area. I must admit I missed a lot of shows in the area too. Still, I just wanted to give these a shout-out--the area is certainly worth a stroll in the next few weeks for:

Katie Bethune Leamen at MKG127 - love the huge iridescent sytrofoam sculpture titled "Really It’s A Lot Bigger, A Lot Heavier, And A Lot Darker". Very smart. Also interesting OMD ephemera angle in paintings reproducing different copies of a single album cover (seen above)

Hadley & Maxwell at Jessica Bradley - typically eclectic work, but great to see their furniture cross-sections in particular. Also like the wallpaper swaths blocking the window, making the storefront look very very different. Nice.

Nicole De Brabandere at Alison Smith - I posted about this last month, wondering what it would be like. De Brabandere makes strange, weird little objects that you can spend a long time looking at. Like.

Michael Caines & Goody-B Wiseman at Katharine Mulherin - While it's kind of a downer to see the old Katharine Mulherin gallery transformed into an antiques-type shop, however fun, there is still one Mulherin space going and the drawings by Michael Caines, which reimagine bible passages in pop style, are really worth seeing. Goody-B Wiseman's bronzes are less impressive, but kinda cute and surprisingly raw for the format.

Image of Katie Bethune Leamen show at MKG127 from the gallery's website

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