Thursday, July 9, 2009

Toronto Outdoor Art Show Picks

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition—one of Canada's largest open-air art fairs—opens tomorrow morning at 10:30am and runs all weekend. The offerings can be hit and miss, but increasingly there's a a surprisingly large number of emerging and established contemporary artists participating. Here's a few worth checking out:

Julie Moon - jaw-dropping pop ceramics, always worth taking a look

Eamon MacMahon – photographer with credits in W Magazine, the New Yorker, and New York Magazine; known for contemporary looks at landscape

James Olley - a well received younger painter of suburbia in the neon-inflected tradition of Kim Dorland

Wendy Walgate - prolific ceramics artist who turns mass production into manic sculpture/installation

Scott Everingham - darkly deconstructed contemporary paintings

Leanne Eisen - emerging photo-based artist with a smart body of work on sex-trade settings

Alex Kisilevich – witty/melancholy performance photography

Annie Tung – poignant objects and sculptures, like Braille-encrusted silver spoons

Brad Turner – award-winning glass art

Genevieve Jodouin – up and coming Toronto printmaker specializing in hipster romance

Min Hyung - well-reviewed just-graduated Toronto painter

Talia Shipman - gained attention recently for black-and-white portrayals of the ten plagues of exodus; here showing colour work

All images from artist websites except for Eamon MacMahon (via TBP Design) and Talia Shipman (via Sweet Station)


Hrag said...

I love seeing this stuff...thanks for posting it!

Leah Sandals said...

Thanks Hrag!

Leanne said...

These are great picks - and I'm not just saying so because of my obvious bias.
I fell in love with Julie Moon's hanging ceramic wigs today. Amazing!

Leah Sandals said...

Hey Leanne --

Yeah, Julie's work is just rad! Glad you liked it!

Anyone else you enjoyed?