Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Makes a Masterpiece? Q&A on Vermeer exb in Nat Post

Also out today -- a Q&A related to the Vancouver Art Gallery's new blockbuster, "Vermeer, Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art: Masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum." The interview was with the gallery's senior curator Ian Thom and it's in today's National Post, with some nice pics of the work. An excerpt:

Q This show is framed as an exhibition of Dutch masterpieces. What makes something a masterpiece?

A I guess the painting would be universally recognized as an extremely fine example of its type. It may have been recognized as accomplished in its own day, but also now. Also, the word "masterpieces" is in the title of the show because the Rijksmuseum wanted us to include it.

Who knew the Rijks could do something like that? You learn something new every day. If you're interested, there's a good image portfolio from the show at the Vancouver Sun's site.

Image of Aelbert Cuyp, Portrait of a Young Man, c 1651, Copyright Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam from the Vancouver Sun

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