Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ROM Makes Nice to Families with "One Kid Free" Weekend Promotion

Well, it's not as jaw-dropping as Nicholas Sarkozy's just-announced pledge to make under-25 admission free at major French museums, but for the Royal Ontario Museum, it's pretty major. A link on the ROM homepage announces a promotion of "one free Child Admission (aged 4-14) with each regular paying adult, senior or student" on weekends to February 8.

As an ultracynical observer, I'm inclined to wonder whether they're seeking to boost their attendance numbers over these cold, Depression-tinged months. But at the same time, I'm glad a few more kids might to be able to get in and see the dinos as a result--they're seriously one of the best displays in the Crystal.

To recap, regular admission for two adults and two children to the ROM is $74, no snacks or souvenirs included. Under the conditions of this promotion, it could sink to (gasp!) a mere $44--or $11 per person, which I personally think is the max any of our museums should be allowed to charge. Also, for the record, the AGO has a permanent family admission rate for a grouping like this that is $45, but allows kids to be up to 17 years of age. Best case following this would be for the ROM to institute a family rate that's similar AND bring back a free evening every week. Dare to dream, I know...

Image of dinosaur galleries from the ROM

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