Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update: Peg Public Art Dispute

Hmmm... As I mentioned in Tuesday's post about a couple examples of public art from Winnipeg, I, well, don't see as much public art as I should. I am doubly reminded of this after seeing Joe Friesen's article in the Globe today about a more controversial piece of public art in Winnipeg: a mural from which Marx has been censored for political reasons. This in the city of 1919 General Strike fame! Bizarre. This local (right-wing, anti-union it seems) blogger seems to have partly led the charge.

Update: I'm going to chime in on this one with Art Fag City and say that while I appreciate the info on this dispute, Friesen's reference to Diego Rivera's dispute over his mural at Rockefeller Centre in the 1930s is a bit of an overreach. This mural is made by a widely unknown youngster in a generally liberal nation and time period, not by an established artist in a right-leaning nation shortly after the Russian Revolution.

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