Monday, October 1, 2007

Terrific response to Nuit Blanche blog link

There was terrific response to the National Post's Nuit Blanche guide that I did for their Saturday Toronto section. Once posted on the paper's Toronto blog, it got more than 6,000 hits and was the first hit to come up on Google for a search of "nuit blanche". Reviews of the event have been mixed thus far, but I look forward to participating in the debate as it goes on.

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Kevin Bracken said...

this isn't exactly the place, but i dug your piece in the current canadian art :)

as for nuit blanche, i am still looking for a positive review from a person i know :(

i didn't get to check out much stuff because we had our hands full trying (in vain) to prevent people from stealing our installation, but the stuff we saw was great!

oh well - i guess the problem with making art accessible is that it instantly creates a million critics.